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Business Development Advice

Successful businesses rarely stand still – they are active in developing their business and in planning for the future. We believe in this attitude and help our clients in a positive way to develop their businesses whatever the size. For successful business, It is important to continually monitor your business performance as sometimes even successful existing businesses can benefit from a fresh perspective.

  • We help our clients by highlighting key issues that could lead to business improvements and priorities which are the most important.
  • We can then help you implement solutions to those key issues.
  • One area where planning can make a notable financial difference is in the sale of a company.
  • Not only can tax be reduced by careful planning but also the price that can be obtained for the business can be also be maximized.
  • We provide help to our clients to:
    • Understand what a buyer really wants from a business
    • Make your business more attractive and consequently more valuable to a prospective buyer
    • Protect against unexpected claims from a buyer and, of course,
    • Keep the tax liability to a minimum
  • Most businesses would like to grow. This can happen naturally or by acquiring another business. In any case careful planning is required.
  • We can help you:
    • Assess the finance that will be needed
    • Access suitable sources of finance
    • Plan the expansion
    • Maximize the tax reliefs available
    • Direct you to appropriate grants and subsidies
    • Assess the appropriate vehicle for the expansion
  • Our clients value us so we want them to succeed and we expect to make a valuable contribution to that success.
  • Our experience in helping similar businesses and solving similar business problems can make a difference to business success.
  • We are proud of our team and we are always improving our skills to better our client’s needs.
  • With our years of experience we are a reliable and trustworthy chartered accountant to be chosen for your business needs.
  • We can assist with your accounting services, development and all financial advice.
  • Our business development advise give several benefits to you:
    • A fresh review of your business
    • You can access funding to develop your business
    • Gives you the financial systems to control your cash flow
    • We may even get to save you some tax