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Earlier Year Update

It is obligatory for Business owners to file a well-organized Report to HMRC which explains all details regarding the Amount that has been paid to the employees and the related deductions being made.

This report is referred to as “FPS (A FULL PAYMENT SUBMISSION)”.

Companies are bound to take into account the deliverance of FPS to HMRC on each PAY Day ending and before the completion of the fiscal year in April.

If there is an emergence of the requirement to place certain alterations and amendments in the summary of Totals of an Employee after the date of year deadline then the Company authorities are supposed to submit an EARLIER YEAR UPDATE to HMRC to manifest implication of all such changes.


The information that had already been disclosed to HMRC in the form of a report being submitted in the previous year of TAXATION, will be subjected to rectification if needed by preparing and filing an “EARLIER YEAR UPDATE”.

This report that will be submitted to HMRC well before the end of year deadline,  permits your organization to illustrate all essential explanations and key details regarding amendments that have been asserted in the amounts of monies related to Total Employee payments being shown in the Payroll Records.

The Earlier Year Updates can be prepared as per your requirements to explicit the adjustments made in totals of an employee without counting limitations and the period for which the validity of these updates will be remained intact extends up to six years.


  • There will be no such need of bothering yourself with PAYE TOOLS of basic nature those that HMRC will provide you with as we will be assisting you throughout the process from the preparation of an EARLIER YEAR UPDATE right till its accomplishment.
  • Our professional guidance will serve you in your best interest to keep you data Records and Reports in their appropriate order and will provide you assurance of flawless preparation and submission of “EYU (Earlier Year Update)”.
  • We will be looking after the entire procedure of preparation of EYU Report with utmost accuracy after the Pay Slips and informatory Records for your Employee are being rectified.
  • We will be presenting our clients with strenuous efforts to ensure impeccable paperwork irrespective of the times you are required to make adjustments and submit Earlier Year Updates.
  • Our team of staunch professionals is capable enough to deal with the matters of EYU making and filing. The tedious task will be finalized with convenience and this will safeguard you from wastage of your valuable time and energies.