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VAT Advice & Planning

  • As a transaction tax, VAT has an impact on all businesses and industry sectors, whether you are VAT registered or not.
  • Therefore it is essential for you to obtain clear, concise and practical VAT advice.
  • This is particularly relevant due to the strict penalty regime adopted by HMRC where they will consider having taken VAT advice on complicated matters as a sign of taking ‘reasonable care’
  • VAT is the area that needs to be focused more and must be constantly monitored to ensure you that you are not paying more or less.
  • VAT affects a range of business functions, with wide variations in the rules depending on your business activities and sector
  • We are here to provide you detailed advice on value added tax (VAT) that helps you to identify the best way to manage VAT for your business.
  • We are able to maintain VAT records for our clients and prepare the VAT returns in good time to ensure compliance with all statutory requirements.

We can help you with

  • By providing advice, during the planning phase of your new contracts/ business start-ups/ company structures.
  • Registration and de-registration for VAT.
  • Preparation of VAT returns and other compliance work.
  • Negotiating with HMRC for efficient and effective partial exemption, business/ non business methods
  • Providing advice on place of supply of goods and services.
  • VAT treatment of complex transactions
  • VAT reliefs available to charities.
  • VAT reviews, health checks and bespoke training seminars.
  • Assist during HMRC VAT audits and inspections.
  • HMRC dispute resolution and appeals.