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PAYE Registration

The deductions that are executed by the “Her Majesty’s Revenue And Customs (HMRC)” from the TAX INCOME of the employees and their Contributions to NATIONAL INSURANCE are referred to as “PAYE”. Certain other deductions that can be categorized as “PAYE” include contributions to PENSION schemes as well as LOANS that are being granted to students. All such deductions will be conducted every month along with the “PAYROLL” preparation of the employees working for your company.

A “TAX CODE” will be provided to every single employee of your organization and all the pivotal and crucial details will be entailed in this provided Tax Code. These details are of prime significance for enlightening the employers regarding the appropriate mechanism of “PAYE DEDUCTIONS” that are to be made from the monthly employee payments.

The “Taxable State Advantages or Benefits” of your company will be considered in the “Tax Code” and will be deducted from the employee’s income on an automated basis.

This is mandatory for you as a business owner and an Employer to get your registration by “HMRC” right at the instance when you have inaugurated your Business and have deployed a single employee irrespective of the fact that your company has hired only one individual as an Employee.

The registration for “PAYE” must be concluded and accomplished prior to the making of the first Business Payment. All the crucial information must be essentially provided whilst registering yourself for “PAYE” and in addition to this, all imperative details regarding the employees of the company must also be rendered.

Certain requirements need to be fulfilled other than hiring the first employee for your company as far as the “PAYE Registration” is taken into consideration.


  • Our skilled, meticulous and astute accountants will assure their clients that all the compliance requirements will be met with precision prior to your “PAYE Registration” as well as all the substantial data will be provisioned to HMRC regarding registration with accuracy and appropriation.
  • We will be ensuring that the Registration Process for PAYE will be made swift, less perturbing and seamless.
  • Our dedicated, experienced and zealous accountants will be providing their clients well-organized, flawless as well as properly filled and maintained paperwork with respect to the Category of your Business and will be making sure that all the imperative needs for PAYE Registration are as evident as possible.
  • Our team of sedulous and well-trained accountancy professionals will bring into action strategies to circumvent future repercussions related to the incompetent provision of details related to the employees working for your organization.