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Company Secretarial Services

The management and organization of an entire Company with all aspects related to its overall functioning processes and operational mechanisms is a highly tedious and intricate task. This goal will be requiring immense concentration and arduous efforts for its successful accomplishment.

The compliance needs and related disputes will not be assessed with appropriation and precision whilst you are engaged in dealing with the routine functions of your business organization. The dynamically altering legislative rules and regulations will also be analyzed on a priority basis to ensure that your company is running and performing with an optimal rate.

The compliance needs of your company must be managed with accuracy and must also be maintained in accordance with the newly issued legislative orders and rulings by outsourcing or accessing “COMPANY SECRETARIAL SERVICES” of our proficient, reliable and ardent accountancy professionals.

There are numerous twists and turns involved in this entire process but our expert advisors are well-acquainted with the robust and unassailable strategies to overcome complications and associated perturbations with convenience.

Our prudent and astute accountants provide solid support and assistance to a wide range of COMPANIES of diverse nature.

  • LISTED and PRIVATE Companies.
  • FIRMS that are fully organized and well-established.
  • Companies operating to execute “PROPERTY MANAGEMENTS”.
  • Numerous other diversified SECTORS.


  • Our staunch and skilled accountants will deal with the matters concerning the Basic Compliance of your company of statutory type and will make sure to be well-informed regarding the current amendments in the laws in order to keep all Records and Reports of your company are in proper shape and order.
  • Our dexterous and fervent accountants will be utilizing the automated electronic system for the purpose of maintaining and organizing the STATUTORY REGISTERS of your company. The registers and records that are required to be kept by the Companies of UK, are also included in the category of Statutory Registers.
  • All imperative paperwork will be prepared and concluded by our experienced and expert accountants, which is of crucial importance for the provision of essential data to the shareholders affiliated with the company so that accounts will be received in an appropriate manner.
  • We will be accomplishing the tasks of filling the STATUTORY ACCOUNTS for your organization if we will be procuring them from your end and in case if these accounts have not been provided to our team of skilled accountants then we will be sending you reminders for the on-time preparation and filing of statutory accounts.
  • Our staunch and astute accountancy professionals will be responsible for the provision of “OFFICE ADDRESS” that has been already recorded and registered.
  • We will be providing our clients with a competent “COMPANY SECRETARY” if it is required.
  • We will be effectuating an ONLINE mechanism for the maintenance of all records of the company and they will be made truly accessible for you in order to keep you updated with all the essential and pivotal information and cognizance.
  • We will be responsible to assign for our clients a well-trained professional Company Advisor who will be navigating disputes as well as providing your company “AD HOC SERVICES”.
  • Company, as well as Compliance issues related to administration, will be efficiently handled by our perspicacious and conscientious team of accountants. The ANNUAL ACCOUNTS will be prepared and filed promptly with precision.