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Property Tax

Transactions of property affairs require finance raising and this goal is conveniently achieved by our advisors who have over years experience and voguish skills in property taxation and financial matters.

 These transactions  may include;

  • Funding for property acquisitions by raising debt of commercial nature.
  • Transactions for Lease Back Sales purposes.
  • Arrangement of fresh avenues for concurrent Projects that are in process and attainment of facilitative methodology for lending actions taken by property developers.

To extract more advantages out of the opportunities related to Taxation and Planning, restructuring and shaping transactions in regards to property affairs is essentially needed.

Our experts enable you to achieve Financial Returns Optimization on a satisfactorily level by assessing significant structures for funding prepositions.

Financial advice regarding property deals will be a milestone to accomplish all you targets that you have set for an entire lifecycle as far as Transactions are considered.


These suggestions include;

  • The funding resolve that is best suited is sourced after being identified.
  • Attracting relevant and specific groups of investors or lenders by the representation of the proposition in an accurate manner.

TAX MEASURE categorized as Anti-Avoidance that has been announced by the Governmental Authorities is called “ANNUAL TAX ON ENVELOPED DWELLINGS (ATED)”.

The main target of this measure is to refrain wealthy business owners from using Corporate Wrappers as a tool to hold expensive Residential Property to save substantial tax monies. These business owners or organizations are referred to as “NNPs (Non-Natural Persons)”.

As an NNP, you need to maintain a stringent balance between the advantages of being a beneficiary of Property ownership and the Tax monies.

Regulations and legislations presented in ATED will make you pay relatively reduced amounts as Tax.

COMPLIANCE for Taxation and Related STRATEGIES:

  • Landowners of a private kind need Robust Advice for

Personal Taxation.

  • Stratagems and guidelines for Property Taxation as well as Corporate Taxation.
  • Considering high-value properties used for residential purposes, guidelines are provisioned on ATED and “CGT (CAPITAL GAINS TAX)”.
  • MITIGATION and systematic strategies for “SDLT (STAMP DUTY LAND TAX)”.
  • Mechanisms for schemes, registration, and planning for “VALUE ADDED TAX (VAT)”.
  • NON COUNTRY RESIDENTS who are investing in developmental projects within the country or property deals are being advised regarding “COUNTRY TAX RESIDENCY”.