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IR35 & CIS Scheme

  • There will be a sound impact of “CIS TAX SYSTEM” on most “Workers” of Self-Employed category as well as most “Companies and Businesses” as far as the “Construction Industry” is taken into consideration.
  • It will be an imperative requirement for the “Contractors” right at the level of “Payment” to ensure making the “Tax” withhold from the “Sub Contractors” who are affiliated with them. It will be an intricate “Tax Law” mechanism.
  • There will be an essential need that “Contractors” must be reporting the Deductions that are being made, on the issuance of each monthly “PAYROLL” via the “CIS REPORTING SYSTEM” that operates through “Online Route”. It will also be mandatory for the Contractors to make payments of precise amounts to “Her Majesty’s Of Revenue and Customs (HMRC)”.
  • The Contractors will be responsible for the provision of a “CERTIFICATE” to their Sub Contractors as per the legislation in order to manifest the monies that are being earned and the amounts that are being deducted as per the account of “Taxation”.
  • There will be an essential requirement for the Sub Contractors to attain registration for their “Business” or to acknowledge themselves as being Self-Employed. The act of submitting a “Tax Return” will also be necessarily needed by the Contractors annually.
  • The Contractors will be reporting the “Net Income Amounts” and they will be provided with some kind of “Business Tax Allowances”.
  • The Contractors will be offsetting the “CIS Tax” that has been deducted as per the account of the “Tax Liability”.


  • Our skilled, specialized and well-experienced accountants will be providing you with sound guidance regarding the affairs of “CIS TAX”.
  • We will be assisting the Contractors in regards to the “CIS Deductions” assurance.
  • We will be ensuring the Contractors that the System Of Reporting related to their Contracts, is functioning on optimal levels.
  • We will be tackling the matters of Reporting System along with the incorporation of “System Of Bookkeeping”.
  • Our stalwart and sound accountants will be working in collaboration with the Sub Contractors in order to provide the assurance of maximizing the “Tax Deductions” as per the laws as well as enhancing any kind of “Tax Refund” to the maximum levels.
  • There will be a significant impact of the “CIS Tax Deductions ” that are made from the “Net Income” of the Company on the “CASH FLOW”.
  • We will be aiding Clients for the accomplishment of the task of minimizing the “Impact” via structuring the plans and utilizing them the acquirement of “Lower Rates” of “CIS TAX”.
  • We will be providing our clients with all imperative guidelines to improvise and enhance the “Book Keeping Systems” in order to turn this intimidating and strenuous process into a simplified and prompt procedure.
  • If via a “Limited Liability Company”, you are rendering your “Personal Services” then there will be a high probability that you might get affected.
  • The evolution and improvisation of the “Tax Law” will be making it more essential to evaluate your standing in relation to the “IR35” rulings.
  • Our proficient and experienced accountants will work with the Contractors that are more into the industrial market in order to assess the intricate legislations of a particular area.
  • We will be ensuring you with the provision of services including the reviewing of the “Contract Compliance” via a recognized and voguish “Law Firm” which is holding a specialization regarding the rulings of “IR35”.
  • We will be making it swifter for you to develop the Contract with appropriation and to initiate the operations in accordance with the expected “Tax Impact”.
  • We will be supporting the clients of the Contractors in the matters of
  1. Accounting
  2. Personal Tax Services
  3. VAT (Value-added Tax)
  4. Payroll
  5. Company Tax Services
  6. Bookkeeping
  • Outsource our “Accounting Services” for your Company for the crucial matters related to “CIS Tax” as well as “IR35 Rulings”.
  • Our staunch accountants will be providing you with assistance regarding the onerous tasks of “Business Establishment”.