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Correspondence with HMRC

Perseverance and determination are required to tackle all sorts of hindrances and complications to attain a concrete approach for investigations and negotiating procedures, our team pf professionals are well-equipped with all these skills and attributes.

Tangible and robust results can be achieved by seeking professional from our advisors who are astute regarding market current trends I accordance with tax inquiries and disputes and our experts are sturdy experience in providing enlightenment to their clients.

  • If you are a subject of liability for HMRC investigations then it will be an essential need of yours to take assistance and guidance from our experts right till the time of the conclusion of the entire process.
  • Our professionals worked as Inspectors of taxation and related fields in HMRC on senior posts, thus having a remarkable experience based on years.
  • We perform the function of liaison with HMRC (HM revenue and customs) investigations to generate results that will be satisfactory for your business as far as claims taxation penalties are considered. This will allow you to invest your valuable time in nurturing your business.

We will provide you the best of guidelines and staunch advice to make most of the exasperating situations and to make sure that you will not agonize over such distressful process.

Investigations can be carried out in a multidimensional way and may include inquiries regarding a specific tax return aspect or an elaborative scrutiny of one particular transaction or even a complete investigation of all dynamics of matters and disputes associated with a Taxpayer.


We will offer you compliance and all possible means of management regarding intricate deceit inquiries as well as complex issues to take and pursue legal actions (LITIGATIONS). We will ensure the avoidance of additional assertion of liabilities regarding Taxation.

  • The bodies are responsible for resolving issues among Taxpayers and HMRC, named SPECIAL COMMISSIONERS or GENERAL COMMISSIONERS. Our professional team will be representing their clients in front of these functional bodies as well.
  • The inquiries can be extremely time consuming and may involve elaborative and detailed Record provision depending upon the dispute HMRC is more expected to query about. Prolonged and tedious process is truly frustrating.
  • HMRC follows a general approach of analyzing and monitoring taxes related to all variable aspects of businesses contemporaneously. Companies generating millions of turnover are the main consideration for the Compliance Directorate of affluent businesses (Mid-size). These directorates are the potential risk areas on which HMRC utilizes its resources the most.


Trust can be established between HMRC and business and this action is facilitated by developing a concise stratagem of action. Our experts will aid you to efficiently and calmly deal with all inquiry mechanisms and to produce prompt consequences meeting with utmost satisfaction levels regarding your business financial affairs. Our advisors also ensure the avoidance of assertion of formidable penalty surcharges and potential liabilities regarding Taxation.