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Payroll and PAYE Returns

Flawless, robust and reliable optimization and maintenance of “PAYROLLS Records” as well as “PAYE Returns”, is a tedious and intricate mechanism.

As soon as PAYROLL reins are provided to our trained professionals, there will no roam of distress for the clients (Business Owners).

Now, they will become burden-free to invest all their energies and time to foster their business and to elevate the standing and ranking of their organization to the higher levels of triumph.


We present you tailored services for PAYROLL management which are best suited for the particular requirements of your Company or Organization.

  • We will be responsible for all sorts of factors influencing the dynamics of the complete PAYROLL PROCESS.
  • We will be handing out Pay Slips to a whole lot of employees working in your organization.
  • Our professionals will be preparing, analyzing and compiling comprehensive Summary Records for you.
  • We will ensure the provision of a “Concise Status Report” for every single Department of your organization separately.

All essential and vital details are summarized within this report regarding the operational standing of the particular department about which the report has been prepared.

  • All vital affairs associated with the retirement, deployment or termination of employees concerning Payroll Settlements, will also be assessed.
  • We will provide our clients with a clear picture of their business position by explaining and manifesting staff expenses.
  • We will provide you with services to become fully aware of the prevailing situations by giving you RTI (REAL-TIME INFORMATION) in regards to PAYE Returns for the profits attained.
  • Efficient and well-founded systematic procedures for the provision of “Employee Payment Slips” that are generated via automation methods.
  • Our experts will be dealing proficiently for the clients as far as “CIS (CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY SCHEME) Returns” are taken into consideration.
  • Our professionals will be evaluating and calculating MATERNITY pay, STATUTORY SICK pay and the LOANS decisions that need to be applied.


The areas and sectors that are addressed here include:

  • REMUNERATION Stratagems for fresh staff that must be Ta Efficient.
  • Employee RETIREMENT Plans.
  • Packages in regards to Employee TERMINATION.
  • Payments for Inducements.
  • Schemes and Planning for the provision of benefits and incentives to working employees.
  • Cost management strategies for organizational matters including Travelling and transportation Expenses.