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Income and Expense Accounts

A “Standard Document” related to Accounting that is created to depict the concise summary of the entire monies that are being paid to the accounts associated with the organization or from the accounts associated with the organization during the “Fiscal Year”.


  • The “Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)” or The “Financial Activities Statement” manifests the Expenditures as well as the Income of the “Non-Profit Organization” for a particular period.
  • The alterations related to the “Net Assets” of an organization that are resulted from the Expenditure monies and Income amounts during the “Financial Year”, will be reflected and expressed in the “Report”.
  • The Income Monies that are being earned from certain activities or operations related to the work of “Charity” involves the earning that has been generated by the provision of Services or goods pursuing the consensus or agreements of Contractual nature as well as the income that has been produced from Grants that are related to performance. Such income monies of “Charitable Activities” will be included and manifested in the “INCOME ACCOUNTS” related to the Charity.
  • The “Charitable Activities” generates “Income” that includes all the monies that are being earned as via sales of Services or Goods as an integral part but the “Income produced from Charitable Activities” is not restricted to this sort of monies only. The Sales of Services or Goods is also referred to as “PRIMARY PURPOSE TRADING”.

These kind of sales are either intended to yield a “PROFIT” or are either equal to or below the expense amounts.

  • The “Payments” that are made under “Contractual Agreement” by the authorities from the public sector or by the governmental entities or by the certain other Parties that are responsible for the provision of Funds in order to ensure the supply of the specific type of Services or Goods such as “Care Provision”.

These payments fall under Charitable Income but the Amounts earned from the Charitable Activities are not restricted to only such income monies.

  • The “Beneficiaries” related to the Charitable Work will be providing or making the Sales of the Services or Goods and these amounts are also included in the income generated from the Charitable Activities.
  • The incomes that are earned conditionally by the provision of goods or by the deliverance of a Services of specific Volumes or Levels are categorized as “GRANTS” related to the performances, will also be the part of Amounts earned from the Charitable Activities.
  • All the Trades that are performed in order to provide the necessary support to the primary Trading Operations of the organization, are also included in the amounts generated from the Charitable Activities.
  • The income that is produced by the action of renting out a property that is of “Non-Investment” kind.
  • The income that is created through certain other functions or operations will be including the income monies being produced from Activities related to Trading for the sake of collecting the Funds for the work of Charity as well as the amounts being earned from events linked to process of Fundraising, will be depicted GROSS in the “Financial Activities Statement” prior to the deduction of Expenses that are created.


The income amounts generated from the activities must be accumulated in order to analyze and assess the Net Income Monies that are shown in the Account Notes include;

  • The amounts that are received as “DONATIONS” in the form of “GRANTS”, “LEGACIES” or “GIFTS”.
  • The income monies that are earned through the execution of “charitable Activities” and the identification of the kind of Activities performed as well as the Income being earned.
  • The amount of income that is attained from certain other Activities related to Trading.
  • The entire costs incurred through a “CHARITY” for the sake of Fund collection or accumulation in order to execute CHARITABLE goals, purposes, activities and operations.
  • The acquirement of “LEGACIES”, “DONATIONS” as well as “GRANTS”.
  • The conduction and operation of Schemes related to “Memberships” as well as “LOTTERIES” linked to the social sector.
  • The organization of certain Events that include Fees for licensing, Fees for performance and activities or any other associated Expenses.
  • The finalization of a contract or agreement with certain agents in order to assign these agents with the responsibility of raising Funds on Charity’s behalf.
  • The designing and functioning of Shops linked with the work of Charity that includes either buying or selling or donating of Items and Goods.
  • The function of running a “Company” related to Trading that undertakes “Trading Operations” that are Non-Charitable.
  • The operation of Marketing, Directing the “Mail Materials” as well as Advertising that includes the Expenses of Publicity that are not affiliated with the “Educational Items” which are truly designed or structured in order to further proceed the purposes of the Charity.
  • The expenditures related to the “Management of the Investments”.


All Investment Expenses will be a pivotal part of the “Expense Accounts” that are incurred in the following tasks;

  • The attainment of advice related to Investment.
  • The management linked to the “Portfolio” purposes.
  • The expenditures associated with “Intellectual Property Licensing”.
  • The mechanisms of Administrating Investments.
  • The assembling of monies for the Property Rental Purposes as well as the for the sake of Maintenance or Repair of these properties.
  • The certain other kinds of expenditures that are presented in Charity related “Expense Accounts” including the Squandering of a “Fixed Asset” that is Palpable and is reserved for the purpose of being used for Charity itself.