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Charities Registration

The organization that has been developed, organized as well as functioned for the accomplishment of tasks and goals related to the work of “Charity” is referred to as a “REGISTERED CHARITY”. The resources are supposed to be devoted to the activities and operations related to “Charity”.

The Organization working for the sake of “Charity” and the earning of the organization is exceeding 5,000 Pounds and on such organizations, the laws and the legislations of “England” and “Wales” are applicable and the organizations are registered with the “CHARITY COMMISSION” of “England” and “Wales”. This rule will not be applied to the “Charities” that are either of Excepted or an Exempted kind.

The act of registering the “Charities” is mandatory as it is an imperative requirement for the “STATES” to reveal the substantial information with relevance to the Organization which is working for the sake of “Charity” in order to ensure the protection of the Citizens as well as to make them well informed with the current updates.


The core objective related to the operations of the “Registered Charities” is to function for the work of “Charity” including;

  • Educational Advancements.
  • Alleviation of Poverty.
  • Religious Promotion and progression.
  • Aims and goals that are significant for the enhancement of “Community”.
  • The registration of “organizations” working for the aim of Charity must be finalized and completed from the “Charity Commission” of “England and “Wales” to proceed with their operations.
  • The “Income” of a “Registered Charitable Organizations” must not be utilized for the sake of personalized kind of advantages rendered to the members of the organizations.
  • There is an “Exemption” for the “Charitable Organizations” that are registered regarding the payment of “Income Tax”.
  • The establishment and structuring of a Charity that is registered according to the laws and legislations of the United Kingdom, will be a tedious and strenuous target.
  • The “Charities” that are operating in the “UK” are among the foremost regulated Charities on the face of the globe.
  • There will be certain significant advantages that are related to the “Charities” that are registered including;
  • An official number for the Registered Charitable Organization will be received and you will be then enlisted in the “Charity Public Register” maintained and organized by the “Charity Commission”.
  • This act will be assistive in the purpose of “Raising the Funds”.
  • The “Official Charity Number” will be adding validity to your purpose and aim of working.
  • There is a considerable number of “Funders” that will contribute to the funds or will work in collaboration only with “Charities” that have been registered.


  • There are certainly distinctive and eccentric requirements regarding the process of “Annual Reporting” for all the “Charities” that have attained their registration from the “Charity Commission” such as the criteria of considering the income as the fundamental base for all aspects of “Annual Reporting”.
  • It will be required to submit the “Expense” as well as “Income” factual figures and also to maintain a well-organized and up-dated record in a detailed format upon the lowest levels of 5K Pounds to 10K Pounds.
  • When the income is exceeding 25,000 Pounds it will be imperative to execute the submission of Accounts.
  • “Elite-Accountancy” will serve as a robust and reliable platform where the clients will be provided with the assistance in regards to attainment of the Registration from the “Charity Commission” for Charities working in “England” and “Wales”.
  • Via provision of our Accountancy Services related to the “Charities Registration” are structured and developed in a manner in order to make the entire Registration Process less intricate and intimidating.
  • The procedure will be swift, less convoluted, impeccable and prompt.
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  • We are voguish for the accomplishment of task related to the establishment of numerous “Charitable Organizations” as well as the registration of these Organizations.
  • There are four dominant options that are available for the selection of a “LEGAL ENTITY” in order to establish and organize a “Charitable Organization”. These include;
  1. An “UNINCORPORATED” association or structure.
  2. Any kind of a “TRUST”.
  3. An “INCORPORATED” charitable body or association.